Keyspire Helps Canadians Invest in Canada

Michael Sarracini is an award-winning entrepreneur and real estate investor.

Scott McGillivray is an internationally renowned HGTV star, real estate investor, contractor, and accomplished entrepreneur.

Together, they bought their first income property while attending university and later founded Keyspire, to educate people on making smart investments to succeed in the uber-competitive world of real estate.

Over the past decade, Keyspire has left an indelible mark on the real estate investing community, helping thousands of individuals across Canada and the United States to realize their dreams, whether a renter dreaming of homeownership, a homeowner looking to diversify assets, or an experienced investor ready to scale their business.

At the heart of Keyspire’s success are proven systems designed to empower investors at every stage of their journey.

  1. 1nvestBest: Invest Where Returns Are Best™. Keyspire equips investors with the knowledge to identify markets with optimal returns, ensuring that every investment maximizes potential profitability.
  2. 3-streams: The 3-Investing Streams™. Keyspire advocates for diversification by leveraging three distinct investment streams, creating a robust and resilient portfolio poised for long-term growth and stability.
  3. The 4 Ways To Win™: Real estate success isn’t one-dimensional. Keyspire introduces investors to the four key strategies for winning in real estate, minimizing risk, and fostering a disciplined investment approach.

In fact, our very own host, Kelly Caldwell, joined Keyspire in 2016 to take her investment knowledge to the next level. Watch her story, replayed from a Keyspire summit.

“Through implementing the tools provided to me by Keyspire, I was able to fill in that missing how, resulting in massive action and impacting hundreds of lives across Ontario through the creation of clean, safe, and appropriate rental units.”

Kelly Caldwell

Whether you’re a novice investor or a seasoned entrepreneur, Keyspire has the tools, resources, and support to guide you toward real estate investment success.

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