A Reality-Based Informative Series

Giving Everyone a Place to Call Home Suite Home

Home Suite Home explores the emerging accessory suite market through the eyes of Kelly and Jeff Caldwell, whose thought leadership brings the expertise required to help homeowners successfully navigate the process.

With current projects as a backdrop, each episode provides viewers with inspiration and information and, as part of a series, gives a realistic, comprehensive overview of the process of building an ADU. In addition to inspiring home tours and design considerations, Home Suite Home deep-dives into the financial aspects and social benefits involved in undertaking an ADU build. Each self-contained episode explores a different facet of accessory suite building, from design to permitting to financing to the building itself.

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Deep-Dive Detail

Each episode has a specific focus, from permit applications to real estate to the legal structuring of a multi-generational home. These key ideas are covered in detail, with additional, actionable information published alongside, making Home Suite Home a timely, relevant content resource for homeowners interested in this emerging market.

Leveraging Expertise

Drawing on real-world experience and leveraging industry thought leaders, Kelly and Jeff take viewers through the ups and downs of ADU building and ownership. Home Suite Home episodes feature experts from across the spectrum, from municipal housing representatives to builders, lawyers, and financing companies, to inspire and educate.

Preferred Partners

Home Suite Home explores the financial realities involved in investing in ADUs as well as the long-term benefits of owning one. For our government and business partners, the series acts as a bridge between homeowners and the preferred suppliers and capital required to build or renovate, ensuring their ADU experience is both enjoyable and profitable.

Coming Soon!

Join hosts Kelly and Jeff Caldwell in our new HGTV-inspired series as they navigate the world of accessory suite financing, design, and construction with the goal of giving everyone a place to call Home Suite Home.