ADUSearch Helps Homeowners Discover the Potential in Their Own Backyards

The potential for increased housing supply in Canadian municipalities lies partially in the construction of detached additional dwelling units (ADUs), offering Canadians access to stable, affordable housing within their existing neighbourhoods.

ADUSearch serves as a powerful tool for property owners, industry professionals, policymakers, non-profit housing providers, and researchers, enabling them to assess the viability of detached ADUs in Canadian municipalities.

Our vision is to be the one-stop-shop for ADU knowledge and development in Canada.

With excellent property and area search tools and maps, it allows users to explore the feasibility of constructing detached ADUs in accordance with local zoning bylaws, both on a lot-specific basis and within neighbourhoods.

Available in both English and French, ADUSearch is an initiative of Resimate Inc., an open data project. Resimate specializes in developing innovative software for detached ADUs, facilitating Canadian homeowners’ access to information and resources necessary for building ADUs on their properties.

ADUSearch doesn’t build ADUs –  instead, we enable ADU construction from citizens and industry professionals while encouraging municipal policymakers across Canada to discover the potential of ADU development in their communities.

ADUSearch Resources

  • Types of ADUs: Explains the differences between internal, attached, and detached ADUs, as well as the differences between ADUs and tiny homes.
  • Requirements: Addresses whether an ADU needs to be registered, whether more than one ADU can be built on a property, separate mailing addresses, parking considerations, etc.
  • Specific Area Requirements: Explores the possibility of building an ADU in heritage-listed or Heritage Conservation District (HCD) properties, in floodplains, and in environmental conservation areas.
  • The Building Process: Offers guidance on how to initiate the construction of an ADU as well as construction timelines and permit process.
  • Design and Finance Resources: Provides information on where to obtain ADU designs as well as the costs and financing options for ADUs.

ADUSearch also offers a fantastic glossary for everything accessory suite-related, from ADU to Zoning. Head on over to and search for your property (they’re at over 30+ Canadian cities now, and growing).

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