Collingwood’s Rapid Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Deployment Program

In 2023, the Town of Collingwood, Ontario’s Affordable Housing Task Force recommended increasing the number of ADUs as the fastest way to provide more rental housing units.

Working quickly, they aligned their Rapid ADU Deployment Program with provincial legislative changes brought through Bill 23: The More Homes Built Faster Act, which aims to remove barriers and promote the creation of more accessory suites in Collingwood and across the Province. 

This groundbreaking initiative aimed to address Collingwood’s housing challenges while offering homeowners an opportunity to contribute positively to their community. The pilot was geared to streamlining the process of creating additional rental housing units, while providing financial incentives and support every step of the way.

They saw that ADUs—think basement apartments, cozy dwellings above garages, or charming coach houses tucked away in your backyard—are not only ideal for addressing the housing crisis but also offer a chance for homeowners to earn rental income or utilize unused space effectively.

Here’s what the program entails:

  1. Streamlined Process: A one-window service, connecting homeowners with necessary resources to simplify the ADU creation process.
  2. Pre-Approved Designs: A (growing) selection of pre-approved ADU designs tailored to meet various needs and preferences to save time and effort.
  3. Financial Incentives: Grants to support homeowners in creating ADUs, making them more accessible for everyone.
  4. Landlord Support: The program provides resources and guidance to assist homeowners in navigating the responsibilities of being a landlord and managing their new rental property.

Thanks to Bill 23, there are now expanded opportunities to build ADUs on residential lots with full municipal services, including town water and wastewater. Visit Collingwood’s Deployment program page for detailed information on permitted ADU types and regulations.

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